Innovative Smart Wood Structures

EDEKA focuses on sustainability

13. July 2020

Stylish and functional is a good description of the KIELSTEG roof of the EDEKA supermarket in Beckingen, in the Saarland region of Germany. In the building with a 1,500 m² floor plan, the Kielsteg elements span 26 metres and form a projecting roof over the entrance area another 6.5 metres deep. In this way the sales floor has a large area, uninterrupted by pillars, where the furniture can be arranged and rearranged flexibly. The prefabricated Kielsteg elements, which have an environmental product declaration (EPD) and therefore a transparent CO2 footprint, create a congenial ambience in the space with their natural, striped wooden surface. The effect is completed by the design of the lighting and utilities suspended from the ceiling. The supermarket opened in April.

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