Innovative Smart Wood Structures

Merkur goes for maximum sustainability, choosing a wooden roof for the new market in Knittelfeld.

14. September 2017

As part of the ongoing expansion program of the Merkur supermarket chain, a new supermarket is being built on the edge of Knittelfeld, with alomost 2,000 m2 of sales floor. If you look a little bit closer, you will notice that it has a wooden roof. This is made of Kielsteg elements, 48.5 cm high and in three spans of 16 m each. The underside of the Kielsteg elements forms the visible ceiling. Displaying the wooden construction in this way is a strong statement of the retailer in support of sustainable building and active reduction of CO2 emissions. The warm roof construction, with insulation on top, ensures a long life of the wooden elements because it is highly robust thermally and in terms of moisture regulation. The rapid installation and precisely coordinated delivery of the Kielsteg elements meant that the entire roof structure of 2,000 m2 was installed in just four days

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