Innovative Smart Wood Structures

Public Works HQ for Ried im Innkreis

2. November 2020

The town of Ried im Innkreis is building a new centre for its public works department and decided to be ambitious about both the functional concept and the architecture. Urmann Radler architects from Linz won the competition to design a building as a headquarters for the street cleaning, maintenance and waste collection and the vehicle fleet. The new single-storey building stands between an industrial zone and a residential area on the southern edge of the town. The building with a floor area of 2270 m² gathers a number of public works activities in one place that were previously scattered across multiple locations. This creates a clear functional structure where people don’t have to go far between the offices, the different workshops and the garages. The new public works HQ occupies a sensitive site between the industrial and residential zones, resulted in a number of special aesthetic and functional requirements for the design. All of the activities that produce noise, the garages and their access ways face towards the industrial zone. The garage for cars is set into the slope of the hill along the edge of the site next to the residential district, which hides the facility from sight and also creates an acoustic barrier. The low-level garages enabled the creation of a green strip with bushes and trees that forms an additional natural boundary. All the vertical parts of the building are made of reinforced concrete, with a combination of solid walls and skeleton framing. To cover the large spans of the workshops, Kielsteg elements are used to create a visible roof structure. The advantage is the flexible use of the space, with the ability to respond to changes in the layout and equipment over the coming years. The facade is clad in vertical pre-greyed larch strips, underlining the unity of the building, with a quiet ambience at the transition between living and working areas.

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